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Worldskills and Belgium: a strong relationship!

In 1969, the 18th International Vocational Training Competition (the original name of Worldskills) was held in Brussels. Today, the city of Charleroi and skillsbelgium, supported by all of the country’s resources, want to draw particular attention to the 50th anniversary of the Belgian event of 1969. Charleroi is a candidate to host Worldskills 2019!

On 11th May last, the Director of skillsbelgium, the official Belgian Delegate to WorldSkills, was informed that Belgium had been given permission to submit the bid of Charleroi city to host the ‘Mondial des Métiers’, WorldSkills 2019. This excellent piece of news has fired up the press and the social networks as well as all the partners involved in the project.

This is, of course, a significant step, demonstrating the strength and quality of the bid documents presented to the President and the Vice-President of Worldskills during the validation visit that took place in mid-March 2015. The some 65 official delegates (one per full member country) will have to choose from among the three candidate cities bidding to hold this event - Paris (France), Kazan (Russia) and Charleroi. That choice will be made during voting in the General Assembly on 10th August in São Paulo.

The team set up in Charleroi to prepare the city’s bid and the skillsbelgium team are working tirelessly to win the opportunity to hold this big event.

Go for Worldskills Charleroi 2019 together!


Here, accessibility also goes hand-in-hand with friendliness, proximity and great transport facilities. The size of the city centre makes it easy to get around and offers a wide network of public transport: metro, trams and buses.

Land of expertise

As a cradle of the industrial revolution, today the region uses its experience in state-of-the-art fields with a firm focus on the future: aeronautics, audiovisual, biotechnologies, telecommunications, ICT, etc. It backs the redeployment of that experience with 20 business parks as well as world-renowned centres of excellence and research.

Many leading companies are based here, such as Johnson & Johnson, Nexans, Ecoplast, Caterpillar, Thales Alenia Space, Alstom Belgium Transport, AGC, Dreamwall and others.


WorldSkills Charleroi 2019 will be an urban event on a human scale. Our objective is not to isolate the event on a campus located a long way outside the city. The sites that will host the competition, the ceremonies and the conferences are right in the middle of Charleroi.

Everyone living in the region will be involved to a greater or lesser degree. As for the participants, they will be fully immersed in the warm and welcoming ambience of the city. In Charleroi, it really is a case of “WorldSkills in the city”, mixing in harmony with all its residents!

Excellence in research and training

Raising the standard of education is a priority for the Charleroi region. This takes the form, among other things, of symbolic projects, such as the Open University, the Cité des Métiers (careers information, resource and guidance centre) and the Technology Campus, a unique set of infrastructural facilities that combines education with industrial training for 12 to 65 year-olds.

Charleroi is a centre of excellence proposing intensive cooperation among parties involved in education, training and research. It is also home to the two most important Walloon organisations for employment and training: FOREM and IFAPME.

Culture and diversity

As a city of art and culture, Charleroi has some dynamic cultural institutions: Europe’s biggest Museum of Photography, the contemporary choreography centre Charleroi Danses, the Palais des Beaux-Arts (fine arts centre), BPS 22, the Glass Museum, etc.

The region has a wealth of protected places of interest: the Lacs de l’Eau d’Heure (set of lakes), the hanging gardens of Thuin, the historic centre of Chimay, and others.

One hundred and twenty-eight different nationalities live in Charleroi and this cosmopolitanism is one of the best ingredients for creativity and innovation. Diversity means tolerance, openness to and acceptance of others. In Charleroi, it’s part of our DNA!


From Charleroi Expo to conference halls, concert halls and theatres, there is a multitude of infrastructure on a human scale in Charleroi. This will make it the perfect place to host the various competitions of WorldSkills 2019.

That infrastructure is already functional but will benefit from a ‘face lift’. A renovation plan is already underway for it and for the whole of the city centre. All with an environmentally- and resource-friendly approach.

Charleroi also offers a capacity to accommodate and cater for visitors that’s constantly evolving and growing.

Since the start of the adventure, the WorldSkills Charleroi 2019 project has received very wide support from all the key players of politics, society and the economy.

Some examples? For WorldSkills Leipzig 2013, a competition open day was organised from Charleroi airport. A hundred or so people attended. The experience was repeated for EuroSkills Lille 2014 and, there too, nearly 200 people were present at the “I support WorldSkills Charleroi 2019!” reception.

Since then, the expressions of support have been growing ever louder, proof of the soundness of our project!

Partners of skillsbelgium

October 2012: the Strategic Development Committee decided to initiate steps to submit Charleroi’s bid to hold WorldSkills 2019.

5th July 2013: announcement in Leipzig (WorldSkills 2013) of Charleroi’s bid to hold WorldSkills 2019 and meeting with the President and the CEO of WorldSkills International.

August 2014: setting-up of operational committee for WorldSkills Charleroi 2019. This is responsible for promoting and preparing the bid documents (candidature file).

3rd October 2014: official submission of the bid on the occasion of EuroSkills-Lille. 3 candidate cities: Paris, Kazan (Russia) and Charleroi.

16th and 17th March 2015 : validation visit by the representatives of the Board of WorldSkills International. 11th May 2015, WorldSkills International informed us that we were able to submit a final set of bid documents.

6th July 2015: submission of the complete technical bid documents.

10th August 2015: final decision on the occasion of WorldSkills Sao Paulo 2015.

The operational team of WorldSkills Charleroi 2019 is working closely together with skillsbelgium on the submission of the bid. skillsbelgium is the Belgian member of the WorldSkills International organisation.

Video promoting Charleroi’s bid to hold WorldSkills 2019 :

Feedback from our presence at EuroSkills Lille 2014 and the validation visit by the WorldSkills Board courtesy of Full TV!:

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